Our Tree Services

Tree Surgery

Our tree surgery services include crown lifting, pruning, reductions & removals

Biomass Chipping

Produce G30 and G50 grade chip at 30-35 tons per hour

Site Clearance Work

Clearing overgrown sites, falling trees, flailing shrubs

Forestry Work

Aside from tree services, we also do felling, winching, timber extraction, and flailing


We also do forestry planting and hedge row planting

Hedge Trimming & Laying

From garden hedges to agriculture hedges

Stump Grinding

Purpose built kit for stump grinding and stump planing

Tree Shearing

Fell large trees in a controlled and safe operation

Timber Splitting

Split trees and trunks to create valuable firewood

Remote Cutting

Used in awkward locations and steeps slopes for assured safety and efficiency

Grounds Maintenance

Ditching for water flow, grass cutting, sprays for weeds etc


Our landscape services include railway sleeper raised beds and new driveway

Your Top Choice for Tree Services, Forestry Works, Landscaping and More

If you’re looking for a professional and top-notch arborist service in Shropshire, Matt Hamer Tree Services can help. Whether you want to keep a favourite tree in superb condition, remove a damaged tree out of your property, or prepare your land for fresh landscaping, we're here to provide you with quality and reliable service.

At Matt Hamer, our goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with every aspect of the job. Being recognised as a market leader in tree surgery and removal services throughout Shropshire, we’re committed to help you maintain a safe, clean. and healthy balance of nature in your property.